Established in 2010 as an independent pharmacy, Green Cross Pharmacy has become a leader in offering affordable prescription medicines without compromising on quality or service.

At Green Cross, our mission is to be and always remain the ‘pharmacy you can trust’ by providing excellent service with compassion, integrity and personal touch.

We are genuinely proud of the fact that we know most of our patrons and their families by name!

Being small and independent does not mean that you will end up paying more compared to chain pharmacies. We participate in a large purchasing co-operative entity, so we can get highly competitive prices for your medications. In most cases we are able to offer same/lower prices than any chain/big store pharmacy.

So, it’s a clear win-win situation for our customers - Consistent, superior service as well as Low prices!

In addition to being a full service pharmacy that dispenses prescription medications, over the counter drugs, vitamins and medical supplies, we have in-house Compounding facilities (making personalized medications right here in our pharmacy), and also offer following useful services:


  • Free delivery
  • Free one-on-one consultation about all aspects of medications, including usage, precautions, side effects, alternatives, insurance questions and more.
  • Free children’s vitamins
  • Free review and comparison of Medicare Part-D coverage options

Walk-ins are welcome for new prescriptions or refills, - we are well known for promptness and accuracy.

You can also have your prescription sent to us directly from your doctor’s office. That way, by the time you are done with appointment at doctor’s office, and arrive at our pharmacy, in most cases we will have your prescriptions ready for pick up.

Green Cross has invested in latest technologies to make it easy for healthcare providers to send your prescriptions to us via fax or E-script. Please suggest your healthcare team to add Green Cross Pharmacy in their system so we can receive your prescription electronically, without any delay.

Why choose us?

proudly independent

Competitive prices

We purchase directly from reputed wholesale suppliers, so we can offer the best prices for your prescription medications, over the counter products and medical supplies. We make our best attempts to keep track of any available options/discounts/rebates so we can pass maximum savings to you.


Compounding allows access to discontinued medications and/or making medication easier to use: to suit individual needs for alternate form, flavor, strength, allergy-friendly. We can compound any medication (except those requiring sterile compounding), including the ones for pain management, sports medicine, Pediatrics, Dermatology, medicines for pets and more.

We use the highest quality ingredients, advanced compounding technologies, and processes that are state-approved and compliant with laboratory guidelines.

Free Delivery

Too busy or not feeling well enough to visit us in store? Can’t arrange for a ride or need to deliver medications to your family members? No problems- we’ve got you covered. Ask any of our locations about Free Delivery service. We will deliver prescription medications to your home/work at no charge. Our Free Deliver service is really free, i.e. we do not bill your insurance, any agency or you. It is just our way to show that we care!

Personal attention

Unlike chain or big store pharmacies, our exclusive focus is on your medication needs, your health and overall wellness. Filling your prescriptions accurately and promptly, making sure you have full understanding of the drug regimen and side effects, timely processing of your refills- those are our top priorities.

Being a community focused pharmacy, we are able to provide personal attention to each of our customers and build lifelong relations within the communities we serve. Our staff works proactively with insurance companies, medical offices and care providers so we can reduce some of your burden when you need to focus on your health or the health of your loved ones.

Free one on one consultation

We take pride in making sure that our customers have easy access to our staff to get all their medication related questions. With many different prescription plans, restrictions and fine prints, we love to work with you in figuring out best options for you. For our Medicare patients, we have invested in special software tools that let us compare all available plans to determine the best Part-D options based on your prescription needs.

Call us today to setup a free one-on-one consultation with our knowledgeable pharmacy staff for any medications, compounding, vitamins/nutritional supplements, preventive care related questions.